Imperfect Textiles

Imperfect Textiles

Imperfect Textiles

sewing for hire | handmade for sale


Sewing services include hand and machine sewing, household and clothing alterations.


Extend the life of your favorite clothes or give new life to an old garment through mending and repair.


Handmade, repurposed, and repaired vintage items are released seasonally. First release in Spring ‘19!

Imperfect Textiles offers sewing and mending services in Central Virginia. Besides offering practical and useful sewing services, I wish to start a conversation about our relationship to textiles and clothing. I am dedicated to sourcing materials ethically by repurposing or salvaging fabrics and purchasing from companies that sell sustainable textiles and notions. I want to encourage others to extend the life of their clothing through mending or to personalize their wardrobe with alterations. Beginning in Spring 2019, I will also offer unique handmade and vintage goods in the online shop. Learn more about me and my values here.

Amanda Wagstaff